Today at school we started off with doing our songs for the Christmas play. We have to do ELEVEN songs! We didn’t practise our poems though. Then Sinead Smyth came in and did art with us and we made a reindeer. SOMEONE stole MY reindeer leg’s and I know who that SOMEONE is, but I don’t like pointing fingers at people. Then after break we went to the girl school to do “Ag Gáire na Gaeilge”. We played loads of games. It was fun. After words we our Maths Challenge. We did two tests. Then we did Up and Running and we did exercise B,C and D. Then we did our newspaper quiz and I only have eight questions.

Until tomorrow bye.


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Today at school we started off with spelling tests at I got one spelling wrong. My first of the year. We did revision in maths so nothing hard and then I finished off my art. Then we did our Irish quiz and I got eighteen out of twenty three. Then we did drama with Mrs McGallagher it was fun. Oh yeah we also practised our poems and songs for the school play/concert